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About Facts

Founded in 2012, the roots of Fact Factory are older. The original intention being, to create a structure that enables a well connected group of individuals to provide consulting services that are based on "facts" rather than "fiction" and that create true measurable value for their customers. 

Today Fact Factory has become an enabler. Instead of doing and being part of one great thing, it has become the vehicle enabling to be part of several different and amazing projects. 

Mandates and investments that Fact Factory engages in, are evaluated based on their meaningfulness, the passion and fun they bring to our team and the impact they can have. 

Fact Factory relies on a network of global experts, focusing on the mission at hand for each specific project and a
dding true value for the customer.

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Strategy. Internationalisation. Digitalisation. Logistics.

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We try never to have only one specific perspective on strategy and the strategy process, but rather look at strategy from as many angles as possible. 

We believe that in an environment that changes ever faster and where opportunities are fluid, strategic planning needs more flexibility. Strategy must become an integral part of the company culture, empowering team members to take decisions in the right direction instantly as opportunities present themselves. 

We do not believe in perfect scenarios. 
Often, the "least worst decision" is required. 

Further, we are supporting our clients in M&A matters.



For most industries, there is no local market anymore, all business is becoming global. 


What used to be locations to offshore for cost effective production, turn into key consumer markets. 


Intercultural understanding and relationships remain the key to success. 


Our expertise is between Asia and Europe supporting on both sides. 

Our strength is China.



Digitalisation is changing many industries and creating many opportunities to expand marketshare and increase efficiencies, especially in the freight, logistics and supply chain sector. 


Taking your business digital requires not only a digital frontend, but should encompass end to end digitalisation of all backend information flows.


Digital markets move fast. Brand and time to market are crucial. Own inventions are hard to protect from being copied. The ability to "follow fast", adapting and implementing ideas from competition or other products and industries is a competitive factor.

Optimized digital solutions are modular, curating best solutions and integrating them with one another.  



Our roots are in shipping and logistics. 

It is our passion and remains close to our hearts.


A large network of logistics service providers in all parts of the world are supporting us.  

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Networking Seafreight Specialists

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Fluhgasse 135, 5080 Laufenburg, Switzerland

+41 62 544 94 10

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